Starcraft: The legend falls
                    – Posted 2007-10-07 09:22 (GMT+9)
  In the biggest surprise of the tournament, the legend himself Jae Hoon “sAviOr[gm]” Ma has been eliminated.
  I believe the famous saying “you can’t win them all” is very appropriate today. In one of the biggest upsets in Starcraft history, Jae Yoon “sAviOr[gm] Ma has been sent home. A player who is considered close to unbeatable and even holds one of the highest winning percentages against Protoss in the Korean professional leagues. The interesting part of this is that he lost versus a Protoss, the Chinese Jun Chun “WE.Pj” Sha.
  Pj, one of the WCG China representatives is a very well-known player who is no stranger to living as a professional gamer in Korea, because he was one. He was recruited by the famous SKTelecom1 team in hopes of growing e-sports in China.
  Their series would be intense with sAviOr managing to take the first game and Pj taking the second. A decisive 3rd game would have to be played. This game would certainly be one of the most intense matches of the whole tournament. After so many decisive battles and bases being built up and brought down. The legend sAviOr was given no other option then to surrender.
  The Korean hit the G key with intense frustration after knowing that his tournament had come to an end. With a deep look of disappointment, he analyzed the stats on the screen, reminiscing on what he could have done to prevent himself from losing.
  This is a player who is about as close to perfection as can be found. He has dominated just about every professional in his path and certainly is familiar with winning. However, this time on a land across the Pacific Ocean, he was defeated.
  Now only one hope remains for Korea and that hope is Stork.




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